40,00 $

Wingspan:1568 mm 

Length:1101 mm

This set includes:

-STL files

-Factory files


-BDJ JET manual

-Reference guide with settings to slicer and many pieces of advice how to print in your own preferences

BJD JET is single engine 70 mm EDF jet.It was designed to fly fast and behave like a business jet.But to break a mold of typical heavy jet it has an extraordinary high aspect ratio of wings and very laminar airfoil.The model has foldable landing gear.

Check 3D Printed Wings Thingiverse, where you can download a test part and instruction manual.

To buy it please create an account.After download, you will get the set of files on your e-mail.Everything you need to print parts that consist for the whole airplane is there.After printing it, you need to glue all parts together using CA glue and add RC equipment.After all, the model is ready to take off.